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Located where Asia meets Europe, Turkey has long been a cradle of civilizations and a springboard for new life and cultures. Due to its geopolitical location many nations have come and gone and all have left their mark, be it architectural or cultural.

There have been many civilizations which have in turn settled on this land, beginning 10,000BC, such as the Hittities, Lycians, Carians, Kilikians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. As a result of such diversity, Anatolian culture has fast become one of the most interesting cultures of the world.
The modern Turkish Republic has a population of 65 million people and covers an approximatel land mass of 750,000 square km. Turkey has been a secular democratic Republic since 1923.

This web site will help to orientate you not only as to the touristic sites, but also to the antiquities and natural beauties which can be found in travel throughout the country. You can view special pre-prepared itineraries or find out more about specific sights you are interested in.

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