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Daily tours around Antalya:


Day 1 - Perge & Aspendos Tour
Visit the ancient city of Perge. See the Roman baths and the market place. Move to Aspendos, the best preserved theatre of the ancient world. Go to the museum to see the artifacts dating from 10,000BC till the 19th century AD.

Day 2 - Phaselis & Olympos Tour
Visit the southwest of Antalya. Visit Phaselis first and swim in the shade of the ruins. Then go to Olympos where natural beauty abounds. Explore the ruins which are hidden behind the bay and orange trees.

Day 3 - Myra & Kekova Sunken City Tour
Start the day early. Visit the ancient city of Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas. Take the boat to visit Kekova, the sunken underwater city. Cruise in your boat and swim in the turqouise waters of the Mediterranean.

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